Beyond the Bothy

A whole year since my last post! Things have moved on art wise a fair bit since then. I’m very excited to be part of the wonderful collective that is ‘Beyond the Bothy’

A group of 5 artists and makers have come together to create a pop-up shop as part of Perthshire Open Studios. Inspired by the local landscape we each create unique pieces of work using a range of mediums.  Over the past year I have been experimenting further in combining my printmaking and machine embroidery to create images that chart our many dog walks both local and further afield. A series of handbuilt ceramic bowls links to this work also, where a specific image linked to the walk is scratched into the surface.  I’m a keen (possibly obsessive) coiler so I have created a series of simple bowls of all shapes and sizes too.

For the pop-up shop you’ll be able to buy a range of handprinted cards, limited edition ‘bothy’ keyrings and hand dyed crochet coasters and that’s just my collection! there will be a wealth of local art from the others.

Beyond the bothy collected artwork.jpg

Have a wee look at our advert here. Hope to see you 1st – 9th September.

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