New Beginnings 

I’ve signed up to take part in #sketchbookcircle17 this will be my third year.  I was asked for my thoughts on how to start so here they are.

In my first year of Sketchbook Circle I  thought I’d really enjoy the first marks in my new book.  I bought about 3 different books and tried them all to see which one ‘fitted me’ best.  I thought a lot about making those first marks.  I thought I needed to represent myself in those first few pages or make some big statement or demonstrate all my skills.  In my attempt to do all this I ended up with an overly manufactured, bland first few pages.  That’s not what it’s about.  It’s about discovering your practice and allowing the practice of others to inspire and challenge you.

This year, I’m taking a much more relaxed approach. I have looked through a whole range of books (I’m a book addict so always a few that I have bought with no plans for use!) 

I’ve chosen a ring bound one with study paper as I want to be able to sew straight into it. My current interest (obsession) is free hand machine embroidery so I’ve been playing around with pieces of fabric, stitching into them, playing with textures.  Working outside the book can help take the pressure off as you can freely experiment then decide what elements you want to add to your pages.

My main advice for getting started is to be yourself and enjoy the process.  Play with materials you love, don’t fixate on the look of a page, just see what happens. It’s the start of an exciting creative journey.

Oh and Mr G is taking part this year too! Looking forward to seeing how a 2 sketchbook household develops.

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