Stitching it all together

For the last couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to sneak away from the world once a week and learn all types of lovely ways of playing with stitching.  A wee class run by the wonderfully creative and inspiring Roobedo has offered 2 hours of making that has pretty much kept me going during a challenging term at work. I’ve become much better at ensuring I have regular times to ‘make’, going along to classes helps with that because the time is blocked out for you and (mostly) you ensure nothing gets in the way of that window of opportunity.  

I’m certainly no expert when it comes to sewing but I’ve been very lucky to have great friends who willingly share their knowledge and skills and are there to talk things through when you have bunching threads and wobbly lines. This weekly window of sewing taught me lots of new techniques and introduced me to the (rather addictive) world of repurposing scraps. 

Some of the most exciting learning came from a demonstration of free motion embroidery… drawing with thread! It’s such an exciting process.  While you have some element of control over the direction of the stitches there is still an unpredictability which I love. The lines come alive and the needle moves about and wee scenes and characters emerge from the fabric.

The texture of the fabric changes as you stitch into it, morphing into something else.  These little houses were very enjoyable to make and have become a bit of a theme for me.

I’m looking forward to stitching my way into 2017.


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