Potting with Purpose

As seen in previous posts the owls/birds have been a dominant theme for the past couple of years.  They pop up in between other projects like a constant conversation going on in the background. My ceramic work is interesting in that it swings between very personal and non-functional (owls, shapes, sculpture) and more purposeful pieces (mainly bowls and other vessels). I’m an obsessive ‘coiler’ hence the many, many bowls, this process is an interesting one in that the process of creating the bowls is almost always more important than the product yet the product is often incredibly pleasing. 

Every now and then I’ll get caught up in a more specific, technical project which I’ll love and loathe in equal measure. I welcome the challenges that a new build brings but also struggle with the focus it requires. Having to problem solve and plan stages etc brings a different vibe to a session which can be really enjoyable but sometimes after a long week of work you just want time to sit and think while aimlessly playing! 
My current project, a teapot, is one of those pieces that has just emerged. I didn’t really research it, I didn’t figure out the ideal spout/handle and it’s ridiculously large (I have scale issues!) and probably unmanageable as an actual teapot. It has pushed my thinking forward though and I’m looking forward to playing about with glaze. In my mind I had the ‘big yellow teapot’ dolls house type image from when I was wee, but maybe it requires something a bit more subtle. 

Update: it is finished and glazed! We have had a couple of “rouge” tubs of glaze that don’t turn out how they should. I chose to use them despite the risk and I’m delighted with the result.


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