Do you Zine?

Sketchbookcircle continues to inspire and support my ongoing making. Despite a very busy couple of months I’ve continued to use my wee makery to work away on little projects. Space is so important, both physical space and time. Making space in the week to just think and potter about helps me put other things into perspective and formulate ideas and pathways. 

In terms of making I’ve been sketchbooking and ‘ceramicing’ more on the ‘ceramicing’ in another post I think.

As always the monthly packages from sketchbook circle provide a little unexpected inspiration and the recent ‘zine’ pack really spoke to me. Zines can be created about anything and combine my love of printmaking, communicating and very graphic work.  I love their simplicity but also the intensity of the messages they might convey.  

I created zines to share at two recent events – TeachMeet Connect (#TMSLF) & #PedagooMuckle

I hope I have passed the zine addiction onto some other potential makers.


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