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Perthshire is beautiful. Big open skies, deep, dark forests, high, rugged hills all combine together to create a feeling of serenity and wellbeing as soon as you step out of the house.  We love where we live. Sometimes however you need a different sensory experience. Driving to the airport straight after school felt like we were heading off on a great adventure, the country mice were heading to the city!
Sketchbook Circle has connected me to my practice again. I discovered it by chance on Twitter while working through the Artist Teacher post grad. I have loved every minute and was excited when the annual exhibition and workshops fell on our half term weekend.  Connecting with other artist teachers, sharing ideas, learning new skills, challenging your thinking, taking a step outside your comfort zone and creating both individually and collectively, what more could you ask for?

I was part of Elaine Humpleby’s ‘Drawing with Light’ workshop. First we started with cyanotypes, I’ve played about with this technique before but this took the process to a whole new level. We were also introduced to chemigraphs. It was exactly how a creative experience should be, we were introduced to the technique, there was lots of chat about possibilities and then we had a chance to play. It was all about exploring the process, I’m really looking forward to taking this technique into my practice.
Exploring the exhibition of last year’s work after lunch was a chance to engage with the creative journeys others had been on and consider how to take ideas forward into this year’s circle.
The afternoon group challenges lead by the inspirational Susan Coles encouraged everyone to step outside their comfort zones and work together to create drawings as performance. Limited materials, time and a specific theme lead to thought provoking and incredibly creative performances.
I’m sure this weekend covered all 5 of the steps to wellbeing. #connect #active #give #notice #learn


2 thoughts on “Connect & Create

  1. Ah – you’ve made me very happy as your exhibition picture shows a piece of collage I did in last year’s swap. I couldn’t get to the exhibition and am abroad with little internet bandwidth so was unable to send anything. It’s lovely to have been included 🙂
    Thanks for that – I enjoyed your blog, too.

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