A Little Bird Told Me

This phrase was one commonly heard throughout my childhood, usually something that was said when someone found out something they shouldn’t or when they wanted to elicit more gossip.  Occasionally it was a good thing, like ‘A little bird told me you did well in your exams’ but more often than not it was uttered in a more conspiratorial tone.

I started making little birds for lots of reasons, I was particularly inspired by Nadfly’s porcelain birds but I wanted mine to have more personality than just a number.  Access Art developed a #Shareabird project and I decided to make some little birds for that.  As often happens with my making once I start it becomes a bit of an addiction, I love seeing what they can become.  They have flown off to lots of people, strangers, family, friends, pupils… for lots of different reasons each with their own little message.  I like to think I’ve changed the ‘A Little Bird Told Me’ phrase that I knew into a more positive message.  Maybe onIMG_9791e of my little birds has told you to enjoy your birthday or inspired you to make your own little bird or told you that you are ready for the big wide world.




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