Ways of Seeing

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying experimenting with my Gelli plate, the colours and textures you can achieve are fantastic. The speed in which the acrylic dries makes the process dynamic.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m involved in a sketchbook circle this year, it is honestly one of the most engaging projects I’ve been involved with. Throughout the year I’ve been working with 2 sketchbooks, one I’ve started and one another sketchbook circler started. Up until this week I’ve felt very disconnected to the book I started, which is strange as I thought this was the one I would be most focused on. I have instead been enjoying responding to the process in artist B’s book. However this month something with my book has finally clicked, using prints to create images I’ve started to see a narrative appear.

Another interesting thing appeared. After foundation year at art college we had interviews for our degree specialism, I had applied for Fine Art. One of the tutors disagreed that fine art was what I should do, arguing that my work had a graphics focus and strongly suggesting I take that route. It had never entered my head to go down that route and was adamant that my work didn’t have that look. I don’t know why I was passionate about wanting the fine art route, or why I completely dismissed what she said. Interestingly throughout my (fine art) degree we clashed on more than one occasion about the nature of my work. I realise now it’s because she wanted me to see my work from different angles, different, wider perspectives. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I saw what she meant, it was so ridiculously clear to me, why couldn’t I see that before? As with everything, once you’ve noticed something, you can’t un-notice it! I immediately thought of that interview, that conversation.
I wonder what would have happened if I had listened back then?IMG_0459.JPG





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