As I’ve mentioned I am very excited to be part of the Sketchbook circle this year. It has revealed a very inspiring world of people and ideas. I received the book I am to respond to at the beginning of the month, I was so looking forward to getting it and when it arrived I spent ages just looking at it, thinking. Noticing things is another element of the 5 steps to wellbeing, I’m pretty sure the sketchbook exchange supports all of the 5 steps.
The pages in the book had a very graphic quality to them, which is quite different from my work, yet there was also a fantastic use of texture and layers, which I use too. The main images depicted owls and I have taken inspiration from both the imagery and the techniques used. We are out in the woods most days and through my school work I have been thinking a lot about birds (we took part in RSPB bird watch and are also using Stravinksky’s Firebird music). Linking my ‘journey’ and ‘wayfaring’ thoughts to the sketchbook seemed appropriate so I considered the habitat of the owls and the journeys they might make, leading me to focus on woodland/forest imagery, which has also allowed me to develop interesting textures.




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