Which one?

IMG_8868 IMG_8936

Here they are, the porcelain pieces.  After leaving them to firm up a bit I was able to finish them off and add clear glaze after high firing.

They are just as tactile as I had hoped.  Inspired by NADfly’s birds – see post on No.4 – these are intended as pocket sized transitional objects.  One of the most interesting aspects of these was the reaction they drew.  In ceramics we are always interested in and inspired by each others work.  These had no obvious purpose, which became a discussion point, but once I explained my thought process we began exploring which one we were drawn to, which one was the ‘best fit’ as a pocket object.

I had started out this venture planning to make some transitional objects, this idea threw up many questions. Can you manufacture these objects? or do they make their way to you?
In Evocative Objects, Things We Think With, Sherry Turkle brings together the ideas of ‘objects as companions to our emotional lives or as provocations to thought’ (Turkle, 2007, P5)

These pieces link directly to the ‘transitional object’ I received at the session in Glasgow, same medium, size, is the link important?
Interestingly the theme of transitional objects starts to appear over and over again the more I delve into areas of interest. For example Jenny Shaw develops the possibility of ‘teaching as a transitional space’ (Shaw, 1995, P90)


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