Number 4 came with me most places after that initial workshop. Realising I was consciously bringing it with me I began to reflect on the reasons why. The small, porcelain bird is incredibly tactile, perfectly pocket sized and individual (it’s number making it different to the others). It felt important to have it with me, I was disappointed if I searched my pocket and it wasn’t there.

Particularly important was a visit to the ceramics class I attend.

Burnard highlights that “What we attach ourselves to, identify with, and become vitally interested in depends a great deal on the ways in which we reflectively construct personal meaning within a situation” (Burnard, P, 2006)

In this situation Number 4 had come to represent the comfort of future possibilities. It reminded me that I was taking a step towards rediscovering my arts practice. It’s difficult to verbalise how exciting this possibility was for me, having Number 4 with me meant I didn’t have to give my feelings a voice yet.

This has made me think about the importance of ‘transitional objects’ within our lives and I intend to explore this line of thought over the coming weeks.


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