First Thoughts

Unsure exactly what to expect I attended the Artist Teacher Seminar in Glasgow in September. It meant a redirection for me, not a new start, just a rethink.  I wanted to take my art practice forward, without losing the teaching practice that has become so important to me over the past 10 years.  Enrolling on UWS Artist Teacher (MEd) appeared to be the answer.
The Masterclasses by Nicola Atkinson (NADFly) and Professor Robert Williams were fascinating, listening to how they engage in collaborative projects was inspiring and made me consider how I had collaborated with others when making art in the past.
It also triggered thoughts on how collaboration works in the classroom. To what extent do I collaborate with the pupils, parents and other staff?
Putting those thoughts to the side for now, I want to focus on the impact NADFLYs presentation has had.
Nicola Atkinson’s Masterclass was interactive. We had to think. We had to talk. We had to create. Small, numbered, beautifully tactile birds had been used to organise us into groups….and we got to take them home.
This little bird was to be the main catalyst for rediscovering my practice.



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